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Marvel’s Inhumans

Welcome, true believers, fans and followers. Almost every year, Marvel amazes us all with their spectacular entry or add on to the movie franchise. Be it Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or even Spiderman: Homecoming, Marvel has always entertained us to the roots. I mean, just look at the movies, actors, and the effects! Everything about Marvel is absolutely breathtakingly amazing. The company started off as a small comic publishing company by Martin Goodman, and our beloved Stan Lee as the editor-in-chief.

Today, the comic book company has went on to become the biggest studio in superhero movie franchise, and it is responsible for some of the greatest box office releases like Avengers and Iron Man. That mentioned, the studios are responsible for a number of other flicks like X-Men, Deadpool, and one of the best instalments ever, Logan. People love the characters, the movies and movies which come under the tag of Marvel, set a box-office benchmark for other competitors out there.

Recently, a group of people from Marvel and American Broadcasting Company decided to launch a television series based on Inhumans, the inter-galactic superheroes from the Blue Area of the Moon. Just like other popular Marvel characters, Inhumans too have been created by Stan Lee and the comic books are quite popular among the fans. The series has been named Inhumans and is scheduled to release around September, 2017. It will be the first time the Marvel fans will get to see Inhumans on screen, and thus, excitement levels are rising.

Marvel Inhumans (TV Series) 2017

As mentioned earlier, the series is set to release around September, 2017. The shooting for the year has been done and the series is going through its post-production phase. As per the official reports, it is being created by Sean Callery, and will release in IMAX format. So, some good cinematics can be expected from it. Producers include Jean Higgins, Scott Buck, and Jim Chory.inhumans.premiere.2017

Talking of the cast, there is a commendable array of characters which will be portrayed by some of the best television actors. Anson Mount will appear as Black Bolt, the head of the Inhuman Royal family. Iwan Rheon (infamous for his portrayal of Ramsay Bolton from the critically acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones). Serinda Swan as Medusa, Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, and a lot of other actors as well.

There is a lot of CGI work done, but we can expect that since it is a Marvel series. As per the official claims, the first episode will air around September 29, 2017 and it will be directed by Rhoel Reine. The series will be a part of the Phase Three Universe, which includes some of the most well-known characters like Doctor Strange and all the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Inhumans Season 01 Story and Plotinhumans-stream

There has been a military revolt, because of which the Inhuman Royal family escape to Hawaii, USA in an attempt to save themselves and the world from the enemies all around. Since the characters are based on the Blue Area of Moon, we can expect some great inter-galactic action from this series. Just like Guardians of the Galaxy, there will be shots from around the solar system and the universe. Interstellar travel will be featured quite a lot in this series, and since the series is shot in IMAX, watching it in 4K will be a great experience.

So, wait for teasers and trailer to start kicking off once we approach the premier date. Till then, may the Marvel force be with you all!

Inhumans season Full Episodes | how to watch online

  • Since the show is run by ABC, you can watch it on their website. To do that, visit
  • Then you have to register via your email address and accept their terms and clauses.
  • Once you have done that and chosen a plan for yourself, start watching your favourite ABC shows!
  • Also, you can even watch the live shows from their website.

Marvel Inhumans 2017 Full Cast

Sonya BalmoresSonya-Balmores-inhumansas Auran Isabelle CornishIsabelle-Cornish-inhumansas Crystal Eme IkwuakorEme-Ikwuakor-inhumansas Gorgon
Ken Leungken-leung-inhumansas Karnak Mike MohMike-Moh-inhumansas Triton Anson MountAnson-Mount-inhumansas Black Bolt
Iwan RheonIwan-Rheon-inhumansas Maximus Serinda SwanSerinda-Swan-inhumansas Medusa Ellen WoglomEllen-Woglom-inhumansas Louise
Henry Ian Cusickhenry-ian-cusick-inhumansas Dr. Evan Declan Michael BuieMichael-Buie-inhumansas King Agon Lofton ShawLofton-Shaw-inhumansas Young Black Bolt


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